At Pakhrin Homestay, we have 08 rooms with attached western bathrooms, electricity, hot water arrangements, nicely done comfy beds and some great views of the surrounding forests and Mt. Kanchenjungha from our home stay. We are not a hotel, so we do not have a plush reception or TVs in rooms but surely your children can watch TV in our sitting room with other children and if you want we can arrange for a campfire, roast some chicken and ask our friends to sing some local songs for you in the evenings. My Dad can take you for a long walk through the forests in the mornings to Ghoom Rock from where you can rest your eyes as far as Nepal, Balasun River valley and plains of Bengal. We can share with you the stories of our ancestors and the Gora Sahibs, the monks and the ghosts and the people and their lives, we can also take you on short treks through the forest and we have a car, which can help you with local sightseeing.